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Reel Arts 6 is a new concept in movie theatres in Tucson

The goals of establishing Reel Arts 6 are simple:

There are over 1,000 films produced in the world each year, and less than half make it to Tucson.  Reel Arts 6 hopes to be a venue for as many of these films as possible. Foreign language films, documentaries, comedies, suspense-thrillers.  A little bit of everything for any film lover that craves independent film.

Local filmmakers will get an opportunity to submit their films for the possibility of a premiere event, or even a longer engagement. Few theaters offer this opportunity to local filmmakers.

Reel Arts 6 will offer unique premiere events, Q&A sessions with directors, writers, and other important people involved in the making of films.  Anyone attending these events will not only enjoy the film experience, but also learn about how fascinating, arduous, and fulfilling the art of film making truly is.

Visit Reel Arts 6 and experience excellent service, film presentation, while paying less than at other theaters in town.  If you feel you have had an amazing experience, tell your friends and family, or “like” us on Facebook.  But most importantly, keep coming to Reel Arts 6.  The only way for Reel Arts 6 to survive is by your continued support and attendance.

Thank You
- Reel Arts 6